Apex Pencil: The Latest All-in-One Multi-Gadget is Here—and It Packs a Whopping 9 Versatile Tools in Your Pocket

Updated 03/04/2024  •  9 min read

editor Special Editorial by Weston Haddas

Updated 03/04/20249 min read

I’ve owned every tool I’ve ever needed. Or so I thought.

I’m much more than a writer. You could call me “multi” talented, even. But before I became an author of sorts, I was a general contractor working with my father for years. And to this very day, I remain a DIY nut. I will always be. So, safe to say, I’ve created a few things in my day. And during my time building things, I’ve seen my fair share of gimmicky “multi-tool” throwaways. You can already see where this article is going, I’m sure.

Truth be told, the vast majority of these multi-tool things either have limited functionality (seriously, who needs a crayon sharpener?) or are made of inferior-quality materials that fall apart after a while. Less than ideal.

So, that’s why I’m writing this whole thing right now. I’ve come into contact with the Apex Pencil. An old friend of mine gifted it to me a while ago, claiming it was “a whole toolbox-in-a-pen-thing” type deal. He knows my professional background, and so I feel he’d know I’d be skeptical as hell. I’m not easily impressed. Why would I be?

And then I fell in love with the thing. Go figure.

In what looks like an ordinary school yard yellow pencil is actually a well-designed gadget housing 9 different versatile functionalities. It’s super useful for when you’re in a pinch, sort of like having a tool belt on wherever you are.

After a few weeks of carrying this thing around, I admitted defeat—my friend was on to something with the Apex Pencil. I’ve been shocked by how useful it is. It’s a very expertly crafted piece of work. Not only is it made with high-quality brass material, I use at least one of the 9 tools every day—and they all perform up to my standards.

What tools are included?


While I’m not exactly about to throw my actual tool box away or anything, it includes most of the essentials I would randomly need at a moment’s notice. “Stay ready so you don’t gotta get ready” as they say. The tools included are:

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • 10cm Ruler
  • Bubble Level
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Touchscreen Stylus
  • Bottle Opener
  • LED Flashlight
  • Phone Holder

The screwdrivers are pretty self-explanatory, they feel resilient enough to handle stubborn stuck-in screws. They pair nicely with the leveler. I mounted a TV the other day and was irrationally happy to just have this thing in reach in my pocket. 

Next is the ruler. I actually used this when I was sketching an idea with the pen tool for this in-laid box I plan to build someday. I made one back in middle school and figured I could try again and see how I’ve improved. Pretty neat. 

The flashlight is the surprise inclusion, it’s pretty bright, considering its size. But the stylus is a problem—my son keeps using it on his iPad and I have to make sure he doesn't lose the damn thing. He’s sort of an airhead. Gets it from his mom. 

And finally… my darling, the bottle opener. This lifesaver needs no introduction. From beers to booze and everything in-between, you’ll now always have your party starter within reach.

Your DIY buddies will love this thing

That’s me—I am your DIY buddy. And yes, I do love the Apex Pencil. That's why I’m writing this blog about it. If you, or anyone you even slightly care about, is a builder or handyman, they’d love it too. Plus, it just gives off this premium, “expensive” look which I can’t lie—I’m a huge fan of. It makes for a cool gift for that reason alone. 

But its usefulness extends beyond just the obvious crowd—it’s great for anyone who has limited space in their life but handles a variety of tasks in their day. Think bikers, motorcyclists, hikers, backpackers, skateboarders, arts & crafts-types—all of these people could really put this thing to work. I mean, you can even just ask them yourselves.

See what other Apex Pencil users think

  • Husband loves it

    Great Father’s Day gift. He loved that it’s something small he can carry in his shirt pocket and that in a pinch have something to use.

    - Norma R.

  • Easy gift idea for sure

    Bought two. One for husband and one for adult son. Both LOVED them, carry them all the time, and have used them to “save the day” several times.

    - Kris P.

  • Surprised at the quality

    I don’t normally write reviews but I was compelled to for Apex Pen. If you’re on the fence, I would just get it.

    - Thomas H.

What’s the damage for one?

I did a little research after my friend purchased the Apex Pencil for me. I couldn't believe that I saw some competing multi-tools for over $150! Absolutely ridiculous. My guess is that these expensive ones have numerous (unnecessary) features that bloat the price up.

My friend purchased the Apex Pencil he got for me during a 50% OFF sale for $40. I checked out the website and it looks like if you buy multiple at a time, that discount can jump up to nearly 70% OFF. Pretty solid way to save. I assume the sale is still on, but I have no idea what their marketing plan is—I'm just a blogger.

Want an Apex Pencil for yourself? Listen up.

Apex Pencils are—you guessed it!—in high demand. Coupled with the fact that there are a number of fakes floating around on the internet, it’s been somewhat difficult to find an authentic one. They were out of stock last time I looked, but my friend didn’t mention anything about having trouble when he bought mine. Maybe he lucked into picking it up so casually. Not so sure. My advice? If you’re interested and you see they’re in stock, I would pull the trigger. I’ve checked the page a few times over the last couple weeks and they’ve been sold out each time. Makes me glad I actually have one.

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Is Apex Pencil actually worth it?

Bottom line:Apex Pencils is the apex of toolage. Corny phrase? Maybe. Hyperbole? Not quite. It honestly packs a ton of utility into the palm of your hand. Anyone who's even somewhat active will get plenty of use out of it. It’s simply a great accessory all around. 

Color me impressed. It’s lightweight, well-built, and it’s totally earned its spot in my small pocket (my pants are on the tighter side). Happy DIY’ing!!

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