Frequently Asked Questions


How long will shipping take?

This is an American-owned business that doesn't believe it should take 45 days to receive your product from China. Orders are sent from our New Jersey warehouse via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL for international customers depending on speed and efficiency of delivery. Product will be shipped within 48 business hours. Please allow between 5-7 days for standard delivery. You will be emailed a tracking link after your order is shipped. Thank you for your purchase!

How does the money back guarantee work?

Simply return your product and we'll give you a refund for 30 days.

What functions does the Apex Pencil have?

The Apex Pencil is equipped with 9 versatile functions: a twist ballpoint pen, ruler, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, bottle opener, phone holder, stylus, level, and an LED flashlight.

Is the pen refillable?

Yes, the ballpoint pen is refillable, ensuring that you can continue using it for writing long after the initial ink is depleted.

Can the screwdrivers handle common household tasks?

Absolutely, the flathead and Phillips screwdrivers are designed to handle small to medium household tasks such as tightening screws on furniture, electronics, and more.

Is the LED flashlight bright enough for practical use?

Yes, the built-in LED flashlight provides ample illumination for various situations, whether you're searching for items in a dark space or require emergency lighting.

Is the ruler accurate enough for precise measurements?

The ruler is designed for general measurements and quick reference. While it might not be suitable for extremely precise tasks, it's handy for everyday measurements.

Can the stylus work with all touchscreen devices?

Yes, the stylus tip is designed to work with a wide range of touchscreen devices, including smartphones, tablets, and more.